About Us

ΣCare Medical Group are your Gate Keepers (PCP) offering easy access to a network of specialists and comprehensive medical care for our industries and their families in East Houston. 

Through our website, you can access our Patient Portal (EMR) and request appointments, view your lab and health records, access your billing statements, send messages to our providers, request refills and receive appointment reminders.


ΣCare Medical Group provides an integrated ambulatory Primary Care which strongly embraces Preventive Medicine and Wellness.

 We believe in early diagnosis to prevent chronic diseases and are committed to a lifelong relationship with our patients. 


To provide one convenient location for all of your primary care needs. Having the necessary specialties to ensure a long life and a happy state of mind. 

Our Motto 

Prevention is Our Passion.



Our providers at ΣCare Medical Group hold high standards of competence & knowledge

We understand & share the feelings of our patients

We are loyal to providing the highest level of services

We are committed to prevention.

We provide meaningful cost & quality information to patients & providers to enable value-based healthcare decision-making.

We are strong Patient advocates.